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Johnson Outdoor Wood Furnaces

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Johnson Outdoor Wood Furnaces

Whether you currently heat with hot water or forced air, you will love the warmth provided by a Johnson Stove.  Our outdoor wood furnaces eliminate the need to drag wood through your house to stove the fire.  No longer will you need to worry about smoke in your home or chimney fires.  No need to wonder whether the cost of oil or gas will send your heating costs through the roof.  Our outdoor wood boilers actually heat water in a tank surrounding a firebox.  The hot water then circulates to your current heating system.

Clean, Safe, Cost Effective Heat

Our stoves come with two doors. One door opens to a firebox where you can load large blocks of wood and leave the fire going all day long. The second door allows for easy ash removal; no need to mess with messy ash pans or augers which can easily get stuck. Our stove also allows multiple buildings to be hooked up simultaneously, which means you can heat your home, garage, workshop, pool, or barn and enjoy the benefits of wood heat. No matter who or where you are, there is nothing better then a Johnson!